Saturday, June 13, 2015
Ride starts at 7am. Get directions >>

Ride through beautiful farmland, historic towns and the sleepy countryside. Nestled just outside of Nashville, historic Watertown offers some of the best scenic views in the area. Riders of all levels and ages can join a community of cyclists to work together and share in the challenges and rewards of tour cycling.

Oh, and don't worry about the hills...

what goes up must come down.


16 miles of beautiful country side on the outskirts of historic Watertown. Perfect for young and old.
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1/2 Metric

30 miles of breathtaking views—perfect for cyclists just getting into the swing of things early in the season.
Map | Cue Sheet


62 miles along much of the same route as the century, but with a few less climbs and nice sweeping descents.
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100 miles of climbs and descents that will bring you back year after year. Be prepared to be challenged.
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Registration Opens at 6am

Ride starts at 7am in the Public Square
515 W. Main St., Watertown, TN

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